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5 Amazing things your child Must do This SUMMER BREAK

Parents! Are you worried about how to engage your little champ during this summer Vacation?

As the Schools are closed for summer breaks so you must be looking for the cool and creative activities for your little munchkins. Considering their developing minds, summer breaks can be the best time full of opportunities for learning and exploring new things for your champ.

So here are 5 amazing ways to keep them entertained, active and trouble-free at very little or no cost.

1. Play Indoor Games

Nowadays, kids spend their time watching television or playing video games indoors, which can cause physical and psychological problems later.

So it is very important for parents to engage their kids in indoor games on a regular basis like playing Chess, Carom board, Ludo and some other fun-filled indoor games in a safe, healthy and secure environment.

2. Experimenting with Cooking

Summer breaks are the best time where you can teach your little chef some cooking.

As kitchen is the perfect learning lab for children that can involve all of their senses while pouring, smelling and feeling foods.

Find some recipes that are appropriate for your child’s age and engage your kids in the kitchen example sandwich making, caramel custard, rolling chapatti, etc.

3. Reading

Reading plays an important role in the education and preparation of a child for life. It helps children develop from an emotional, social, intellectual and cultural point of view.

Make sure to take your child to a library where books can surround children and expose them to different genres and topics. There are book reading events organized by different libraries in which children can also engage as it’s the best time to cultivate new interest and hobbies in them.

4.Explore Nature

Nature affects children’s development in a holistic way.

Making kids bond with nature is important, and a nature walk or camp can be the perfect way to bring them closer to nature. Exploring waterfalls, river boating, kayaking, trees, and flowers will impact their minds positively. This will not only make children feel relaxed but also they will enjoy it.

5. Engage them in New Activities

Children are naturally attracted to interesting hands-on activities such as family trees, scrapbooks, cartoon drawing, thumb printing, fingerprinting, etc. and these activities can also develop social, emotional and cognitive skills during this summer holiday season.

Parents can also enroll their little champs in summer camps where they can explore different activities such as dance, swimming, theatre, yoga, games and other recreational activities.

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