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Bond over bedtime stories

Bedtime stories play major role in  creating bond, memories  between the child and the parent . It is the most endearing moment which strengthens the family bond. After spending a long hectic day , bedtime stories turns out to be the most relaxing part at the end. This is the quality time which every parent loves to share with their kids as, it relaxes them and their kids as well. After spending whole day long every child eagerly waits to share this moment with their parent at the end. Bedtime stories are actual happiness for the kids because they find new fun characters in their parent as compared to common hours. When you narrate the stories in front of your child it leaves major impact on them, they carefully listen to your tone, looks after your body gestures and try to copy . Kids are like a soft clay , they follow up their parents activities very quickly.Illustrations which parents usually give while reading out the stories connects the child directly. Reading out the stories for your lil ones will not only give your lil one’s a peaceful sleep  but will also enhance their creativity from early age.

Bedtime stories are beneficiary in many ways:-

Creates Bond:- There is no place which can be said as comfort zone for a child than their parent,  the most relaxed and secure place for every kid. Sharing fun moment with their parent is their best way to create a bond.

Encourage love for reading:- Children look after their parents activities very carefully, they easily catch their way of prounouncing words and start repeating the same which turns out to be their love for reading.

Develops communication:- Your narration help kids to develop their oral communication skills, listening abilities , memory and language recognition skills.

Emotional development:-Illustrations while reading out the stories connects your  child emotionally to imaginations they start feeling the sense of words and actions.

Creative thinking:- Bedtime story plays the major role in enhancing creative ideas to the lil minds, while reading out the stories there are many twist that come in between to create a creative turn, which creates more fun .

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5 Amazing things your child Must do This SUMMER BREAK

Parents! Are you worried about how to engage your little champ during this summer Vacation?

As the Schools are closed for summer breaks so you must be looking for the cool and creative activities for your little munchkins. Considering their developing minds, summer breaks can be the best time full of opportunities for learning and exploring new things for your champ.

So here are 5 amazing ways to keep them entertained, active and trouble-free at very little or no cost.

1. Play Indoor Games

Nowadays, kids spend their time watching television or playing video games indoors, which can cause physical and psychological problems later.

So it is very important for parents to engage their kids in indoor games on a regular basis like playing Chess, Carom board, Ludo and some other fun-filled indoor games in a safe, healthy and secure environment.

2. Experimenting with Cooking

Summer breaks are the best time where you can teach your little chef some cooking.

As kitchen is the perfect learning lab for children that can involve all of their senses while pouring, smelling and feeling foods.

Find some recipes that are appropriate for your child’s age and engage your kids in the kitchen example sandwich making, caramel custard, rolling chapatti, etc.

3. Reading

Reading plays an important role in the education and preparation of a child for life. It helps children develop from an emotional, social, intellectual and cultural point of view.

Make sure to take your child to a library where books can surround children and expose them to different genres and topics. There are book reading events organized by different libraries in which children can also engage as it’s the best time to cultivate new interest and hobbies in them.

4.Explore Nature

Nature affects children’s development in a holistic way.

Making kids bond with nature is important, and a nature walk or camp can be the perfect way to bring them closer to nature. Exploring waterfalls, river boating, kayaking, trees, and flowers will impact their minds positively. This will not only make children feel relaxed but also they will enjoy it.

5. Engage them in New Activities

Children are naturally attracted to interesting hands-on activities such as family trees, scrapbooks, cartoon drawing, thumb printing, fingerprinting, etc. and these activities can also develop social, emotional and cognitive skills during this summer holiday season.

Parents can also enroll their little champs in summer camps where they can explore different activities such as dance, swimming, theatre, yoga, games and other recreational activities.

For more articles on child development, parenting and life skill development please stay tuned to this and you can also visit for more such blogs.


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5 Simple Ways to Inculcate Life Skills in your Kids!

Do you think that your child is well equipped to face the world with essential life skills?

Obviously, as a parent, you clearly need the best for your champ as you are the most important person in their lives. Giving them the skills they need to grow and mature is up to you. By teaching them the practical life skills knowledge you can help them to develop the self-confidence in them.

So parents, here are some good life skills for your little munchkins because it’s important to teach your kids life lessons not only to make them strong but also to help them face the world well. .

The Joy of Learning :

Make open doors for your child so they may build up an affection for learning. Help your kids to discover their passion and then encourage them to pursue it.

It may inspire your kids not only to expand on prevailing knowledge and skills but also help your kids to learn new things. Consistently learning new things help your kids to become Smarter, Stronger & Kinder.

Communication :

Communication is the ability where your kids start expressing their thoughts , feelings & beliefs not only through words but also through Body Gestures , Body Language and Visual Aid.

It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their tiny cherubs to speak properly and clearly using correct pronunciation.

Good Manners :

Good manners help your kids to win the heart of people in the crowd and give them a unique personality.

So Parents it’s very important to teach your kids good manners showing equal regard and kindness to everyone whether elder or younger than them , teach them words like ‘sorry’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘welcome’ whenever required.

Health & Hygiene :

No matter what your child’s age is, it’s important to teach your child healthy habits such as washing hands before and after dining, regular bathing, brushing and flossing teeth on a daily basis.

Teaching these important hygiene skills early to your child help them to stay healthy and fit in future too.

Importance of Environmental Preservation :

Instilling the importance of environment and sustainability will enhance your child’s love for the planet. Teach your child to do Environmental Activities like gardening, make stuff out of waste (eg. Newspaper), not to waste water, Save electricity by turning off lights when you don’t need them and waste collection should be throw in a bin.

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