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Bond over bedtime stories

Bedtime stories play major role in  creating bond, memories  between the child and the parent . It is the most endearing moment which strengthens the family bond. After spending a long hectic day , bedtime stories turns out to be the most relaxing part at the end. This is the quality time which every parent loves to share with their kids as, it relaxes them and their kids as well. After spending whole day long every child eagerly waits to share this moment with their parent at the end. Bedtime stories are actual happiness for the kids because they find new fun characters in their parent as compared to common hours. When you narrate the stories in front of your child it leaves major impact on them, they carefully listen to your tone, looks after your body gestures and try to copy . Kids are like a soft clay , they follow up their parents activities very quickly.Illustrations which parents usually give while reading out the stories connects the child directly. Reading out the stories for your lil ones will not only give your lil one’s a peaceful sleep  but will also enhance their creativity from early age.

Bedtime stories are beneficiary in many ways:-

Creates Bond:- There is no place which can be said as comfort zone for a child than their parent,  the most relaxed and secure place for every kid. Sharing fun moment with their parent is their best way to create a bond.

Encourage love for reading:- Children look after their parents activities very carefully, they easily catch their way of prounouncing words and start repeating the same which turns out to be their love for reading.

Develops communication:- Your narration help kids to develop their oral communication skills, listening abilities , memory and language recognition skills.

Emotional development:-Illustrations while reading out the stories connects your  child emotionally to imaginations they start feeling the sense of words and actions.

Creative thinking:- Bedtime story plays the major role in enhancing creative ideas to the lil minds, while reading out the stories there are many twist that come in between to create a creative turn, which creates more fun .

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